The Shadchan Zone

("The Shadchan Zone" is an additional supplementary service offered exclusively to ZivugZone members. Joining ZivugZone is free. To register, click here).

     Would you like to have your profile considered by a large network of shadchanim who represent a sizable pool of singles who are not members of ZivugZone? ZivugZone has partnered with nearly one hundred independent shadchanim to help ZivugZone members and their own singles find their bashert. We launched this collaborative effort with high expectations, naming it "The Shadchan Zone". With rare exception, the shadchanim participating in "The Shadchan Zone" work independently. As such, they are typically not connected with the shadchan-based dating websites with which you might be a member. This means that your profile will enjoy exposure among a pool of singles that is fresh and new.  

What was the inspiration behind "The Shadchan Zone" concept?

     The underlying premise behind "The Shadchan Zone" was that independent shadchanim continuously need fresh profiles. They work with a finite group of singles and are constantly looking for new profiles to present to their own clients. We therefore approached established shadchanim and offered a plan designed to increase the probability that both ZivugZone members and their own clients would find their basherts.  

How does "The Shadchan Zone" system work?

     ZivugZone will provide the independent shadchanim with your profile information, self-description and photograph as listed in your ZivugZone account. The shadchanim will then review the singles in their databases to ascertain if they have any singles that might be compatible with you. If they identify someone they feel might be compatible, we will then present this single's profile to you for your consideration. If you are interested in moving forward, we will then send the shadchan your references and, in turn, obtain your match's references. Once you and your counterpart have spoken to the references and agreed to go out on a date, we will obtain your match's contact information so that you two can arrange the date.  If desired, we will act as a facilitator through the second date.  In order to streamline the process, all correspondence will be through e-mail.

     If you ultimately get engaged to someone that we set you up with, you will be halachically obligated to pay shadchanus gelt. The shadchanus gelt you and your chossen/kallah will pay will be split evenly between ZivugZone and the affiliated shadchan.

     To become a member of "TheShadchan Zone", please purchase a combo subscription. For just a small additional surchage, you will get the ZivugZone/ShadchanZone 2-for-1 Combo Package. This means you will receive the regular ZivugZone subscription along with the ShadchanZone service. If you are a current ZivugZone user, first log in to your account and then type into your browser to receive pricing information. If you are not yet a ZivugZone member, click here to register and create a profile. After you have created your profile, type into your browser to receive pricing information.

     Terms and Conditions: The shadchanim participating in "The Shadchan Zone" are not employees of ZivugZone and are completely independent agents. As such, ZivugZone assumes no legal liability for their statements or actions. In addition, purchasing a "Shadchan Zone" subscription does not guarantee that you will be provided with any matches. By purchasing a subscription, you agree to all the terms and conditions stated.