Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does ZivugZone work?
  • It’s simple. There are just a few steps:
    1. Fill out the registration form  
    2. Choose whether you want to communicate with other singles either via our in-house email system (Zmail) or through a shadchan
    3. Take the ZivugZone personality compatibility test
    4. See potential matches and read profiles
Tell me more about the personality compatibility test.
The test is designed to evaluate your opinions on a wide range of topics and situations.  It is based on scientific research that has been conducted on thousands of happily married couples. 
If I don’t finish the test in one sitting can I return to it?
Yes.  Simply log back into the website at your convenience and you will be able to resume exactly where you left off.
How soon after I complete the personality test will I receive potential matches?
ZivugZone’s powerful software program will process your results and send you matches instantaneously. Moreover, as new people join ZivugZone, new matches will be continuously displayed in your account.
Does the computer system match for hashkafah in addition to matching for personality?
Yes. You will only be matched with singles of your exact hashkafah or a similar hashkafah. Member profiles will display exactly which particular hashkafah each member identifies with.
Can I choose both modes of communication (i.e. via the in-house email system and through a shadchan)?
No. You must choose either one method or the other. You must decide whether you want to be in a pool with members who can only email each other or be in a pool with members who can only communicate through a shadchan. The two membership pools are self-contained and mutually exclusive.
Can I switch from one pool to the other? 
Yes.  You can switch at any time.  Simply go the “Method of Contact” section on your "Edit My Profile" page and make your new selection.  Please note:  If you switch from the email pool to the shadchan pool, you will no longer receive Zmail (email) messages. However your pre-existing messages will be stored.  Therefore, if you choose to revert back to the Zmail system, you will have full access to your pre-existing messages.
How does the Zmail (email) system work?
If you choose the Zmail system, you will be assigned your own private Zmail account. You will be able to send and receive an unlimited number of Zmail messages.
I prefer only to use a shadchan.  How does that work?
When you register, you must provide at least one shadchan who will serve as your intermediary on the website. Your shadchan can be a friend, relative, or professional shadchan; it can be anyone who knows you well and is willing to participate.  In order to find out more about a potential match and arrange a date, you will receive, upon request, your match’s shadchan’s contact information.  It is then your responsibility to contact your match’s shadchan (or have your own shadchan do so).
Is there a fee to use ZivugZone?
A free membership enables you to create a profile and browse compatible matches. However, in order to send emails (Zmails), a subscription is required. Replying to messages is free.  If you are in the shadchan membership pool, a subscription gives you access to your matches' shadchans' contact information. 
Is it required to provide a photo for your profile?
No.  Photos are optional, but nevertheless highly recommended. Results show that profiles with photos get much more attention than profiles without photos.   
Will my full name appear on my member profile?
Absolutely not. In order to protect your privacy and confidentiality, only your first name, middle initial (if provided) and last initial are displayed.
How will I know if I have new potential matches?
We suggest that you login on a regular basis and check your account for any new matches since many singles are joining every day.